Our (short) story

In 2015, Blawesome’s founder Jennifer Kruidbos was teaching Mindfulness and Relaxation to teens with anxiety and eating disorders at the Montreal Children’s Hospital.

The young patients often cited traditional social media as contributing to their anxiety, which planted the seed for Jennifer.
What if there was a curated corner of the internet focused on growth, empowerment and wellbeing?
A few years later, she wanted to hire a creativity coach online while traveling. 

Previously, most of the coaches and wellness professionals she hired had come through word of mouth. There wasn’t a dedicated space to wellness and coaching. 

After a tedious search, she finally found a coach she was excited to work with, but every step of working together was clunky, time-consuming, and uninspiring.
Why was it so easy to book a place to stay, buy a hand-knitted scarf online, or hop in a ride, but so complicated to hire a coach? 

The desire for an empowering curated community, and a smooth, dynamic platform for wellness professionals and clients came together to form Blawesome. One part social wellness network, one part marketplace, and one part course platform. 

For the more in depth story, click here. This links to the “Why I am building Blawesome”

Community values

Rather than only highlight reels, divisive language and perfect selfies, Blawesome’s community focuses on learning, support, and expansion. We foster an online culture of giving and receiving guidance as the new norm. 

Everyone has a story to share that can help others.

Everyone should have easy access to trusted guidance.

‍Accounts that share any kind of hate speech or misinformation will be deleted. We encourage the community to build a culture of learning, humility, and authenticity.

Company vision

The most vibrant corner of the internet. Rather than letting young people be the guinea pigs of social media and course correcting later, Blawesome’s central theme is wellbeing.

Rather than selling your data for profits, Blawesome’s technology creates uplifting habits, and connects you to people with similar interests. Find your next coach or accountability buddy with Ruby Rose, Blawesome's AI assistant.

The Blawesome team is passionate about growth, consciousness, and joy that comes from wellbeing practices and coaching. We want wellness professionals and coaches to have thriving practices. We also want wellness and coaching to be accessible to all. Day after day, we are discovering how the tech can better support your well-being and growth.