I wholeheartedly believe in the possibilities of NFTs and web3 to increase the impact and income for Wellness Creators: Health Coaches, Life Coaches, Fitness Trainers, and more!

If you’re skeptical, that’s totally normal. Whenever I feel skeptical of new technologies, I remind myself that in 1876 when Alexander Graham Bell first showed off the telephone, many people argued that we didn’t actually need it. “Why would you want to hear someone’s voice when you could just send them a telegram instead?”

Also, remember the early 2000s movies where people are using fax machines as the epitome of technology? Office Space, Bad Boys, and Almost Famous.

Rather than cling to the known, get curious about what is possible with new technology. 

If my ADHD brain, with no experience in coding, or computer science, can learn the utility of NFTs, you can too! 

What is an NFT?

A non-fungible token (NFT) is digital data, and proof of ownership stored in a blockchain. The ownership of an NFT is transparent because of its use of blockchain. It can be sold and traded.

NFTs typically contain references to digital files such as photos, videos, and audio. Because NFTs are uniquely identifiable, they differ from cryptocurrencies, which are fungible. The market value of an NFT is associated with the brand of the creator, and the utility the NFT provides.

For Wellness Creators, NFTs offer a way for highly engaged community members to express their loyalty to their favorite Wellness Creators, and receive the benefits of being in their closest community.

Think: Special experiences, exclusive content, and close connection. 

Before I get into the four ways you can use NFTs in your Wellness Creator practice, here are three reasons why I’m super passionate about Wellness Creators using NFTs:

1. The utility of NFTs make the possibility of deep connection and personal transformation within a community even more powerful. 

For over a decade, Wellness Creators have brought tons of traffic to platforms with their wellness content and healthy living tips, but have received little of the upside. Yes of course, many have built amazing businesses with the existing tools, but with their skillset, they can have even more impact by using NFTs. Many of the platforms we currently use were built within the celebrity / influencer attention economy paradigm. In this paradigm, a few stars get the benefit of using the platform, and the rest of us compete for attention.

The age of the influencer is fading, and where we are headed is specialized communities. There’s actually a 76% increase in people seeking alternative online communities for learning and connection about a specific topic, with a focused community with similar goals.

What does this mean for you? You get to create and market your communities and offerings in a way that truly share value with your most engaged members, without battling algorithms for attention on traditional platforms. 

2. If you love helping people stay accountable to healthy habits, NFTs are an amazing opportunity for your practice!

It’s proven when people spend money on something, they value it more. It’s also proven that people are willing to pay more for an NFT because it’s an asset. If you ever think that there’s no need for your offerings as a Wellness Creator, remember, there are 64 million monthly searches for wellness related content. Another reminder: 80% of chronic disease is caused by lifestyle choices: Diet, exercise, and managing stress.

Wellness Creators provide the information and accountability proven to help people live healthier lives.

A 2015 study found that you have a 10% chance of reaching a goal on your own, compared to a 95% chance of reaching it if you meet with an accountability partner or group consistently.

It’s the power of an accountability community that makes sustainable transformation happen! An NFT is an excellent tool to create accountability and community. I’ll explain how below.

3. It’s time that women and non-binary folk in Wellness participate in the wealth being created by NFTs

Over 81% of people in the web3 space are men. They are mostly gamers, in finance. 

I’m passionate about getting women and non-binary folk with a mission to improve people’s wellbeing participating in the wealth and impact created by NFT projects. And it’s not just for equality. Women led initiatives or companies often grow faster than all male teams. You can consider your NFT project your own company.

I hope you’re as excited about using NFTs in your practice as I am. 

Let’s dive into the four main ways Wellness Creators can leverage the utility of NFTs to better engage with and monetize their audience.

Four ways to leverage the utility of NFTs in your Wellness Creator practice: 

You can use an NFT as a way:

1) To surprise, delight, and deeply connect with your most engaged community members

2) For your most engaged community members to spread awareness and brand loyalty of your practice

3) To open up a new market segment of people who want to invest in you

4) To crowdfund future projects. 

I’ll go deeper into each way:

1. How to use an NFT as a way to surprise, delight, and deeply connect with your most engaged community members

Think of your NFT like a golden ticket, or access pass your most highly-engaged community members can buy to access premium experiences with you.

Remember the excitement in the Charlie and the Chocolate Factory when each kid got their golden ticket? Those tickets were non-fungible. There were a certain amount. And the kids knew their experience would be awesome, but they didn’t know all the details.

The difference is that the kids traded in their golden ticket, while NFT holders get to keep their NFT, AND can resell them.

As a Wellness Creator, you can also raffle your NFTs or sell them. It’s up to you.

Most NFTs come with scarcity, and belonging within a community.

You can use your NFT to give people access to exclusive retreats, containers, masterminds, 1-1 time with you and more.

Have fun and get creative! 

2) You can use an NFT as a way for your most engaged community members to spread awareness and brand loyalty of your practice

You have probably noticed by now that the most popular NFT projects involve artwork that people love to share. Often as a profile picture. The visual component of an NFT makes them a great tool to spread brand awareness.

Remember, people truly want connection to others with similar goals and values. The NFT is helping your community members recognize and engage with each other!

Similar to many brands, when I see someone with a Bored Ape, or Friends with Benefits NFT as their pfp, I automatically know that we have something in common that has nothing to do with our race, gender, or age.

So if you design the artwork, or hire an artist to do beautiful artwork, you are creating a really organic way for your brand to be shared amongst people. 

Why is this cool? People are paying you to market your practice. To me, that sounds way more fun and creative than buying Instagram ads.

3) You can use an NFT as a way to open up a new market segment of people who want to invest in you

Because an NFT is digital data, and proof of ownership stored in a blockchain, it can be sold and traded like an asset. 

And if you as a Wellness Creator grow in influence and authority, the value of your NFT can increase as well. If someone bought your NFT and a few months or years later it increased in value, they could sell it and make profit.

Not only that, the secondary sale also brings more awareness and marketing to your brand.

This has never been possible with only selling courses or masterclasses.

So, as a Wellness Creator, when you choose to do an NFT project, you also open yourself up to a whole new market of people who, similar to an investor, believes in you, and want to purchase your NFT because of the potential upside. Even if they are not buying your services.

And, you can build into the contract, that you get a percentage as people sell the NFT to one another, so it continues to pay you.

NFTs open up options to Wellness Creators and their communities, for financial upside that was previously reserved for startup founders and their investors.

4) You can use an NFT as a way to crowdfund future projects. 

Wellness Creators can also use NFTs to crowdfund future projects - like a course, or a book, or a training, a retreat center - through their community.

Similar to crowdfunding, you can describe the vision of a future goal you need capital to create, and then fund it with an NFT project. 

The benefit is that it’s all automated, and because it’s stored on the blockchain, it’s super transparent.

People who bought the NFT can also get perks that you decide like exclusive access, etc.

To recap, you can use an NFT as a way:

1) To surprise, delight, and deeply connect with your most engaged community members

2) For your most engaged community members to spread awareness and brand loyalty of your practice

3) To open up a new market segment of people who want to invest in you

4) To crowdfund future projects. 

When should I consider an NFT project?

This is entrepreneurship, so rules are meant to be broken, so I’m going to share my opinion on when the right time is:

NFTs are a great solution for Wellness Creators with an existing community of at least 100 people who would buy about $1000 worth of services from you in a year. The services can be 1-1 sessions, courses, masterclasses, membership communities or more.

Why? Because if you have grown into the person who is serving 100 people, you have experience with growing communities, creating digital assets like courses, or leading events, and these skills are super important for serving the people who buy your NFT. 

If you have this group of “100 true fans” now is a great time to start exploring what your NFT project would be. Focus on the utility, meaning, what do your community members get? 

If you don’t know what they want, ask your ten favorite clients what would completely delight them. Focus on joy, and fun, and I promise the creative juices will start flowing!

If you do not yet have 100 customers who have a bought a $1000 worth of products and services from you over the course of a year, focus on that as a goal first.

Again, there are many ways to get there, but I often say, start with 1-1 clients, then when you have booked 10, create your first piece of on paid on demand content like a micro-lesson or master class, or membership community.

Keep offering consistent value, and sharing how people can work with you. Your community members will tell their friends. You will get there, and develop the skills needed to rock your NFT project along the way!

I hope this was useful. I am so excited to see your projects. If you have any questions,

email me at jen@blawesome.life


follow me on twitter: @jenkruidbos