Short form video content is today’s norm for creating trust and connection online. When my team and I first started building the Blawesome community, one of the first questions we received from the thoughtful early adopters was “What do I post?” Leaders want to add value, so the nature of the question showed they already were entering the community as service-based leaders. Today’s wellness space includes health, relationships, vocation, and money. Here are five short video ideas for wellness leaders that provide value.

1. Tell a story about Who you are with a Pivotal moment

Your story will build trust. In addition to your name, your family, and career, practice the skill of sharing snippets of your story by writing down pivotal moments where you made a decision that had a big impact on your life. Was it attending your first yoga class? Changing careers? A divorce? Traveling? Making peace with your body? Making your first million dollars?

Remember, different videos will cover different aspects of your story. And as people watch your videos, the mosaic of experiences will help them understand you, trust you, and want to connect or buy from you. Also remember, you are not for everyone. Share your stories truthfully, and you will draw in some, and repel others. That’s how your specific community will grow.

Don’t worry about running out of story ideas. As you practice writing down pivotal moments, no matter how small, you will start to remember and notice more. Also, think about how much you love watching your favorite movie, listening to your favorite song on repeat, or - as a child - experiencing your favorite storybook over and over. Humans find comfort in hearing the same story repeated because it takes less energy than hearing a new story, and they get to revisit the positive feelings of when they first heard it. With practice, you will see which stories you enjoy repeating. 

Share what’s true, and you cannot get this wrong. 

2. Share Benefits

Sharing the benefits of your product or service is an important part of selling, and sharing the benefits you received from other products or services helps people know and trust you. 

Many people want to try something new, but lack motivation to start because they do not understand the benefits. Share how certain products, books, offerings, coaching sessions, or habits benefitted you, because that provides others with data that can inform their decision-making. Gathering data for others saves them time, and time is one of the most valuable resources we have.

What benefited you, and what didn’t. People will appreciate your honesty. Acknowledge your own, and everyone’s uniqueness. Just because you loved or didn’t love something, doesn’t mean someone else will have the same experience. You are offering a perspective that can be useful in helping others decide. 

3. How To

Share things you know how to do. It might feel simple and obvious to you, but remember when you were a beginner. Simple, foundational steps help are incredibly motivating to get started, or re-committed. Don’t worry about being an expert. Everyday people are starting something you have been doing for years or months. Sometimes even trying something once gives you an experience that can provide value. Being pregnant once gives you a tonne of insight to someone who is wanting to know what that experience is like. You get to decide whether you want to share tips for things that relate to your offering, or not. Both offer value in different ways.

Do you meditate daily? How can someone who has never meditated get started? 

Are you airtight with managing your budget? How did you get started?

We all eat food, so chances are you have one favorite go-to recipe. Share it! You never know who will appreciate it.

This is a fun exercise because many of our habits today are automatic, and thinking back to how we instilled them primes our brains for incorporating new positive habits. 

Make a list of things you do naturally, then think about how you first learned them. You will certainly have little bits of value to offer. 


4. A Ritual or Habit

Habits are one of the most powerful things in achieving goals. When sharing a habit in a short video, you don’t necessarily need to repeat the benefits, but you can. I follow a creativity teacher who films herself journaling daily. It’s super motivating to see her commitment to journaling. I already know the benefits, so she doesn’t need to list them in every video. I already know how to journal, so she doesn’t need to explain how in every video. It’s seeing her habit in action that motivates me, and makes me want to keep watching her videos. 

What are the habits that make your life better? 

Five conscious breaths every hour? 

Putting essential oils in your diffuser? 

A morning dance to your favorite song? 

Holding a plank for one minute per day? 

A long walk? 

Share a snippet. The key to this style of video is consistency. I often ask myself, do people really want to see me using my essential oils again? Of course not everyone does, but the people who want motivation to use their oils certainly do, and thank me often for sharing my rituals.

The most important thing is that you are true to you, and share what you love. The goal is not to connect with everyone. The goal is to show up as yourself, so people can get to know you, which helps them decide if they trust you and want to buy from you. 

5. Celebration!

Celebration represents completing a step, enjoying a new milestone, and growth. In Gay Hendrick’s book, The Big Leap, he describes celebration as an important way to create a sense of groundedness and ease when experiencing a new level of success. 

Celebrating prevents self-sabotage by helping the reticular activating system in the brain feel comfortable with the new normal that happens when achieving a goal. The human brain resists change, even good change, so celebration prevents and reduces self-sabotage. Don’t only celebrate big goals. Celebrate each step somehow. It can be as small as putting on a cute outfit, and dancing to your favorite song in your living room after completing a blog post.

Share your celebration in a short video by telling your community what you are celebrating and why that’s significant for you. If you have clients who are having small or large wins, absolutely share those! It’s inspiring and also demonstrates how you help people.  Amidst our culture of working non-stop, it also gives people permission to pause and celebrate themselves. What a gift!

To make the most of these tips, set your timer to 20 minutes, and write down at least four to five specific video content ideas in each category. Keep them nearby and dare yourself to post a daily 90 second video. For ten minutes per day to add to the list. 

Now that you have a growing list of ideas, your brain will have less resistance to creating videos. Today, sharing yourself online is a powerful way to grow your confidence, learn about who you are, and create meaningful connections with people who bring value to your life, as well as attract dream clients. Find that good light, and get filming!

Blawesome is available to download in the app store for android and iPhone. Everyone can film 90-second videos. If you’re a coach, take 10 mins to create a coach profile, and clients can ask to book you, pay you, and do your video conferencing session all within the app. Testimonial and micro-lesson features coming next month. Blawesome takes care of all the admin so you can focus on changing people’s lives. Awesome!